Schedule of Online Training

The online training is going to be held 10 times in Saturday. First meeting starts at 13 January and ended at 17 March 2018.

Journalism is a practical science. Journalism is always be exist and gives contribution for society even while media industry has been eroded by social media. At first, we hope social media can give positive impact to community. But just the opposite, lot of fake news, hoax, and negative contents have been spread through this platform.

When it happens, we need good quality journalism. Journalism is not only depended by source’s statement but base on accurate verification method. One of indicator in good journalism is availability of data, of course it must be valid and trustworthy.

Actually, high tech and openness of information encourage data driven journalism development.  In investigation reporting, a journalist must has skill to manage the data. In USA, this way is known for Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR).

The data referred to in this context is a collection of numbers from collectibles over period of time. It’s a spreadsheet. The data is used by journalist as a beginning of investigation reporting based on data. While computer technology dominates human life, a trend called as Big Data appears. Besides that appears anyway machines that could get a lot of information about private activity like how often you used social media.

The macro data like number of children and population in the country could be obtained easily by public. Beside that, development of technology Open Government Initiative could help everyone to access the data.

The government on each country was pushed to published all of data related public interest and government trough internet. Indonesia had special portal namely The portal data was initiated by The President’s Department of Development Surveillance (UKP4) which has been led by Kuntoro Mangkusubroto.

All of data is important for journalist to overview an issue. All this time, a journalist writes a news by interview only. In data driven stories, the mechanism like that was left because journalist could choose a location base on data. For example, journalist chosen data of poverty in a district of city.

Writing a story based on data is more real than interview only because any possibility a source did not answer completely and comprehensively. A decision maker or government official could tell to journalist based on his interpretation and his interest.

When data-based coverage is done, the interpretation layer is removed. Thus, we can hope to get a more objective picture. Besides that, the story is more accurate to describe a problem.

Starting from this point, PPMN and JARING consider a journalist have to develop their capacity by mastering the techniques of data finding and data processing. Therefore, we initiated to hold the online class for journalist in the regions.

PPMN will select journalist which applied as participant with consider various indicator. Total selected participant amount 20 persons from various media platform. Every week they are going to be involved in data journalism class which guide by trainer and sources.

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